With the full of beauty care services and new colors for you to choose from, you are ensured to enjoy the best benefits in our effort to do a great job. Let’s take a look at our price list below!! Our nail salon is always committed to bringing you a reasonable price!

Natural Pedicure

Nu Pedicure (25 Mins Massage) $86
Revitalize your feet guilt-free with our Essential Oils Pedicure. Soak in a Herbal Mineral Bath, enjoy a massage with Liquid Body Lufra, and experience a deep finger-pressed massage with your chosen Essential Oil. Enhance your pedicure with an Invigorating Ice Dancer Leg Gel calf massage and steamy towel wrap. Treat dry heels with Sole Solution Foot Treatment and finish with the ultimate hydration of Baobab Body Butter. It's a six-step indulgence for tired feet.
Golden Pedicure (20 Mins Massage) $76
An all-inclusive pampering package designed to treat your feet like royalty.
Step 1: Base+Sani
Step 2: Golden Sugar Scrub
Step 3: Golden Mask
Step 4: Golden Serum Massage Oil
Step 5: Golden Body Butter
Diamond Pedicure (20 Mins Massage) $76
Meticulously designed to bestow your feet with unparalleled luxury.
Step 1: Base+Sani
Step 2: Diamond Sugar Scrub
Step 3: Diamond Mask
Step 4: Diamond Serum Massage Oil
Step 5: Diamond Body Butter Cream
Bomb Spa Pedicure (20 Mins Massage) $71
Pedi Bomb helps to relax, improve circulation, detoxify, and soothe your skin. Elevate your mood with Pedi Soap Flowers and swiftly soften calluses using our Callus Remover. Our Disposable Kit ensures a safe pedicure, including pumice, file, buffer, and toe separator. Opt for our non-oily Sea Salt Scrub for pore-friendly exfoliation. Rejuvenate your skin and reduce fine lines with the Collagen Mask Treatment. Complete the experience with Collagen Massage Cream for a more youthful, radiant look.
Foot Detox (15 Mins Massage) $56
Detoxify your body, enhance blood circulation, enjoy comfortable, cozy, and soft foot skin, achieve deep sleep with a soothing herb-scented aroma, and bid farewell to foot odor.
Foot Treatment (10-13 Mins Massage) $46
Starting warm water with Herbal. Cuticle trim, gently shapes and buff. Thorough filling of callus by pumice bar with callus remover. Exfoliation treatment with Pedi-gel scrub helps soften and reduce callused skin. Deep massage with hot stones & pain relieving fragrance oil. Warm towel wraps to penetrate. Foot masks treatment your skin.
Spa Pedicure (7 Mins Massage) $36
Starting by soaking in a warm bath. Cuticle trim, gently shape and buff. Massage with lotion. Finish with a color of your choice.

Manicure Services

Deluxe Manicure $50
Soaking your hands with soak. Followed by nail shaping and trimming cuticles. Then exfoliate and massage your arms with a hot towel. Then polish with a color of your choice.
Basic Manicure $30
Gel Manicure $35
Take Off Gel & Gel Manicure $40
Take Off Gel & Gel Color $35
Gel Color Change $30
Dip $40
Take off & Dip $45
Dip with Tip $50
Dip with Manicure $50
Take off Dip $10

Nail Enhancements

Regular, Gel, Powder Color Full Set / Fill in $50 / $40
White Tip (Regular) Full Set / Fill in $55 / $45
White Tip (Deep White) Full Set / Fill in $65 / $55
Pink & White Full Set / Fill in $60 / $50
Cat Eyes Full Set / Fill in $60 / $50
Chrome Full Set / Fill in $65 / $55
Ombre Full Set / Fill in $65 / $55
Marble Full Set / Fill in $70 / $60
Hot Gel Full Set / Fill in $60 / $50
Gel X Full Set $65 +

Additional Services

Color Change With Acrylic $35
Toes Polish (Gel) $25
Toes Polish (Regular) $20
Nails Polish (Gel) $30
Nails Polish (Regular) $20
Nail Repairs $5 - $10
Take off Nails $15


Eyebrows $10
Lip $7
Eyebrows & Lip $15
Chin $8
Neck $10
Underarms $25 +
Chest or Back $50 +
Half Arms $45 +
Full Arms $60 +
Half Legs $60 +
Full Legs $80 +
Full Face $50 +
Bikini Wax $50 +
Brazilian $60 +
Eyebrows Tinting $45
Brows Lamination $95
Brows Lamination & Color $130

Eyelash Extensions

Classic Lash Extensions $90
Hybrid Lash Extensions $120
Volume Lash Extensions $140
Whispy Lash Extensions $140
Kim K Lash Extensions $140
Cluster Eyelash $60 - $80
Lashes Lift $70


90 Minutes $120
1. Remove Dirt And Make Up With Water
2. Face Wash With Cleanser
3. Exfoliate Dead Cells
4. Light Peel With Nano Microneedling
5. Steamer
6. Oil Suction (For Oily Skin)
7. Face Mask (1st Time)
8. Clean Up With Hot Towel
9. Spray Toner
10. 15 Minutes Acupressure Face Massage
11. Clean Up Massage Cream With Hot Towel (2nd Time) 12. Ultrasound With Serum (Gel/Ha/A/C...)
13. Face Mask (2nd Time)
14. Led Light Therapy And Scalp Massage
15. Cold Hamer With Serum
16. Apply Serum/Vitamin Which Need For Skin Type 17. Suncream
18. Shoulder Massage
1 Hour 15 Minutes $100
1. Cleanse Makeup
2. Face Wash
3. Remove Dead Skin With Exfoliation Cream
4. Steam
5. Face Massage
6. Cleanse Up With Hot Towel
7. Balance Skin With Toner
8. Face Mask
9. Scalp Massage
10. Electrophoretic With Serum
11. Extraction
12. Face Lift (With Cold Tool)
13. Moisturising
14. Suncream
60 Minutes $80
1. Cleanse Makeup
2. Face Wash
3. Face Massage
4. Clean Up With Hot Towel
5. Balance Skin With Toner 6. Face Mask
7. Scalp Massage
8. Serum, Suncream
Refreshing Facial (Dry & Normal Skin) 30 Minutes $60
1. Napca Moisture Mist, prep skin level with this moisture biding mist
2. Cream cleansing lotion + Exfoliation scrub cleanses & removing dead cell buildup and pore blockingimpurities
3. Creamy hydrating masque & Enhancer cam, hydrate and moorish the skin
4. Moisturizer/SPF, increase moisture to nourish the skin